A word from the President

Serge EXARE CEO of Sobem-Scame France

“If the world has absolutely no sense, who's stopping us from inventing one?”
Lewis Caroll

Existence is an accumulation of unavoidable ordeals leading to gaping wounds and always leaving scars. The Fate, the one bounding us as human beings, has this relentless capacity to guide us the ones towards the others for better or for worse. Despite everything, as unbearable as they might be, these major events will illustrate the novel of our destiny and ultimately enable us to invent and transcribe our future : our History.
The History of our companies is written down the same way as the one of a life.
A company arises, grows, thrives, weakens, then one day disappears.
Sobem-Scame enjoys its blossoming and thus it has still beautiful legends to write so the future generations one day could relate them. And this is not this plague coming from who knows where that will prevent us from carrying on Our History. Of course, the covid-19 shall remain etched on our memories, but instead of being afraid of it, we shall receive it as a prefiguration of a new era where altruism will find its place.
Humility will thus keep on guiding us.
Solidarity and fraternity will remain our duty as citizens and employees.
One’s fulfilment will be achieved through the encouragement and the improvement of the relation with the other.
Therefore, I would like to profusely thank all our partners, suppliers and clients who have accompanied us during this sanitary and social crisis.
Above all, and most probably my words will lack breadth, I would like to celebrate the behavior, the courage and the involvement above reproach of my colleagues throughout these weeks, previously unseen, delicate, even surprising in emotions.
A company is also a Family. I am nothing but proud of mine.
As an epilogue, I fervently hope from the bottom of my soul that these long hours devoted to the lockdown have opened our eyes to a reality : indifference kills the world !